Online Dating Profile Tips to Increase Your Dating

If you’re new to online dating and even if you’ve been doing this for years, you can learn something new with these online dating profile tips. The whole point of online dating is to meet new people without having to leave your house, talk with them, and set up a date. The profile that you set up will either make or break your chances of actually meeting women in the real world. Apart from your first message, your profile is absolutely key. Here’s a few online dating profile tips that will increase your dating.

1. Separate Yourself

There are so many hundreds of thousands of people on the internet, and so many of these men have the exact same types of profiles. They are plain, boring, convey no personality, and spark no attraction for the opposite sex. In order to succeed with online dating you need to separate yourself and not do what everyone else is doing. Most men will talk about what they do as a profession, what they like, their hobbies, what types of food they like. And they do this all in some kind of order. The problem is that they all come out looking exactly the same. So online dating profile tips #1 is to do anything but this. Don’t do what seems logical. Instead of simply saying that you like watching football on Sundays, say something like this. “I’m an absolute football nut. I even dress up in my favorite team’s jersey and hold a football when the big game is on. If we end up seeing each other, please schedule your male bashing parties or shoe shopping during this time.” This is much more effective, and not boring.

2. Talk about your strengths

More online dating profile tips include highlighting your strengths, and avoiding your weaknesses. It’s very important that you not act like a wuss online. It’s better to be over the top bold and strong, cocky and funny, than it is to appear like you lack confidence. Everyone has redeeming personality traits or qualities, and you should talk about these as much as possible, and if you can add in a little humor, all the better. Again, it’s much much better for you to appear like a jerk than a wuss. This might not seem logical or make sense to you, but it absolutely works. Women don’t have time for needy wuss bags, so if you put something in your profile like, “I’m new to this and I really don’t know what to write.” Or “I don’t really like writing about myself” you can just forget ever having a chance of talking with these women. You will be disqualified immediately. Be bold, be strong, be confident.

I hope you enjoy these online dating profile tips and can make the best use of them to further your online dating. Good luck!

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