Dating Profile Help For Men – 3 Profile Tips

Online dating is becoming more and more popular, and the more people that join up for sites the more important it is that your profile stand out and be seen. I’m about to give you some dating profile help that will get you noticed and hopefully get you started on the right track to meeting women online.

Tip 1 – Stand out

Here’s a common scenario of what happens when a women joins a dating site that you belong to. She puts up her profile and within 10 minutes of being posted she’s already received 10 different message from guys looking to talk to her. One hour later and her inbox will be filled with at least 20 different messages on probably more. Now let’s say you’re one of the guys that messaged her, and you’re the 14th message in her inbox. She’s limited on time and doesn’t have time to read every single message word for word. All of the subjects left blank, hi, hey, or anything with misspelled words will automatically get deleted. So your subject needs to be something intriguing and inviting her to actually read your message. Copying something from her own profile is one way of doing this. Other dating profile help suggests that you also stand out in your profile. You can’t have the same boring, typical and logical things that the other hundreds of guys are doing.

Tip 2 – Be bold

Dating profile help tip number 2 is to be bold. This means that you have to be willing to be a little edgy and maybe say something that might offend the women reading your profile. This is okay, because it separates you from the rest of the wusses that are trying to please the women and say things that they think she wants to hear. Appearing to be arrogant, cocky, and even kind of an A-hole will get you far better results than appearing weak and timid. The bolder and edgier you are, the more she’s going to be thinking about if you’re the real deal and she’ll have to find out for herself.

Tip 3 – Use humor

Nothing separates you from the crowd like being able to make her laugh. Dating profile help number 3 is to use humor in a way that increases your value and makes you appear to be confident and self assured. You should avoid dorky humor or humor that is too off the wall or techie. An example of off the wall would be to put 99 as your age instead of your actual age. Some people find this funny, but it really does you no good. An example of cocky humor would be to put something like, “I am in shape and work out a lot because I fear that if I don’t I will end up fat, ugly and undesirable. I expect that you do the same because, well, I think I just said it.”

Hopefully these dating profile help tips will increase your chances of online dating and get you some dates with some really great women. Good luck!

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