Build Your Relationship – Use These 3 Bricks

Just how can you build your relationship? What are the real building bricks that you can use? What will work? Is there anything that you need to avoid? I can help you today. Today we are going to discuss how to build that relationship.

You have looked forward to this for a long time, right? You learned how to attract men, then you found that you have a real attraction to one special man, Mr. Right and you want to make him your boyfriend / husband / lover / soul mate. It is so exciting. Make sure that you take the right steps and you can make a guy fall in love with you.

Male psychology says that it is your personality that will act as a man magnet. If you have a winning personality, the dating world can be yours. Good dating advice says that If you want to make that man fall in love with you and make him commit to you, make sure that you build your relationship using the following bricks:

Brick #1 is your smile.

Use it often. If you are a happy person, you will draw friends, including Mr. Right, to you like moths to a flame. You will be a refreshing change from those people who are unhappy and gloomy. So drop any negativity and depression that you have. Do not discuss your problems and anxieties at length. Instead, focus on things that people enjoy hearing about. A light hearted, happy personality is like a secret weapon in the world of love.

Brick #2 is your laughter.

Do you laugh a lot? I make it a point to laugh often when I am friends. One time I overheard a person saying, I want to sit at that table, indicating the table where I was. Laughter is like a people magnet. It says that you are having a great time and they can, too, if they join you.

Brick #3 is showing him personal attention.

When you are with this guy, compliment him. Ask his opinion and advice on things. Talk about the things he likes to talk about. He will think you are a great conversationalist and he will love you for it

Try these bricks. You can build a castle. This is how to build your relationship.

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